Church of SS. Nicolao e Stefano

Address: Via al Castello, 5, 14030 Rocchetta Tanaro AT, Italia

The parish church built in 1700 on a pre-existing medieval chapel dedicated to S. Stefano, has a Romanesque bell tower dated MCCCCLXXIIII (1474).

It preserves a marble font with engraved “Comunitas Rocheta 1476”, painting attributed to the school of the Caccia, painting by Michelangelo Pittatore, ivory crucifix from the 17th century of the Provençal school.

The famous economist Battista Vasco (1733-1796), who died at the Incisa castle, was buried in the Church; a large plaque shows the learned funerary inscription dictated in Latin by his literate friend Francesco Morelli.

Another stone commemorates the Salesian Mons. Giuseppe Fagnano (1844-1916) explorer missionary of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, buried in the cathedral of Punta Arenas; the largest lake in Tierra del Fuego is linked to its name, but above all to the most significant pages of the Salesian missions in South America.

His first Mission in Tierra del Fuego is now considered by the Argentine law, Historical Monument of National Interest.

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